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School Visits & Conference Talks

Charles Ghigna - Father Goose® is the author of more than 100 books from

Random House, Disney, Hyperion, Scholastic, Simon & Schuster and others.

He appears at dozens of schools, conferences, and book fairs each year.


We look forward to adding your event to the Father Goose calendar.


"Ghigna exudes energy from the moment he takes the stage. His performance is complete with funny faces, humorous postures, and comedic hand gestures. He breaks down complex writing theory and presents it in a fun and engaging way. He isn't afraid to get silly as evidenced by the uproarious laughter from his audiences."

Photo and quote by Jacob Probus, The Gadsden Messenger, 2009



PROGRAM INFORMATION: The Poems & Pranks of Father Goose
An Inter-active Assembly Program             Grades K-5
A high-energy Poetry Performance that includes inter-active choral readings with the students, lively recitations, readings and story-telling that demonstrate where to get ideas and how to get started, as well as question and answer sessions for students and teachers.

"A humorous, entertaining, and instructional poetry program
designed to motivate students and teachers
to read and write poetry."

Students and teachers have fun learning about
the various types of poetry
and where to find inspiration and ideas for their poems.

Each presentation is 50 minutes

and includes lively recitations and commentaries by the author.

Space and equipment needed for the presentations:

Auditorium (or gymnasium, cafeteria, large room, or area of the library)

Hand-held microphone on a stand
Two long tables pushed together for display
Small bottle of drinking water

Each school visit includes TWO large assembly shows

for students, teachers, and librarians
in grades K-2 and 3-5.







School Programs


$1,750 - plus airfare, hotel and meals

$.50 a mile for states within driving distance 


Conferences, Libraries & Book Fairs


$850 - plus airfare, hotel and meals

$.50 a mile for states within driving distance 




For schools within driving distance in the SE, for your convenience we will order my books from the publishers and bring them with us to your school the day of the author visit and personally autograph books after the assembly programs.


For schools that require air travel,

please contact your local bookseller to handle book orders.


Click Here for Testimonials