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~  Conference Talks & Library Programs  ~

One Presentation

$1,500 - plus airfare, hotel and meals

$.50 a mile for states within driving distance

*      *      *

~  School Visits  ~

Two Presentations

$1,750 - plus airfare, hotel and meals

$.50 a mile for states within driving distance

"Ghigna exudes energy from the moment he takes the stage. His performance is complete with funny faces, humorous postures, and comedic hand gestures. He breaks down complex writing theory and presents it in a fun and engaging way. He isn't afraid to get silly as evidenced by the uproarious laughter from his audiences."

--Jacob Probus, The Gadsden Messenger

The Poems & Pranks of Father Goose
An Inter-Active Assembly Program

Grades K-5

A high-energy Poetry Performance that includes inter-active choral readings with the students, lively recitations, readings and story-telling that demonstrate where to get ideas and how to get started, and a Q&A session for students and teachers. 

"A humorous, entertaining, and instructional poetry program
designed to motivate students and teachers to read and write poetry."

Students and teachers have fun learning about
the various types of poetry
and where to find inspiration and ideas for their poems

Each presentation is 45-50 minutes

Assembly Programs

Each school visit includes TWO large assembly shows

For students, teachers, librarians & parents
Grades K-2 and 3-5

Student / Author Lunch
and Book Signing

Space & Equipment for Presentations

Auditorium (or gymnasium, cafeteria, large room, or area of the library)

A hand-held microphone on a stand placed in front of
Two long tables pushed together for displayA Typical School Visit Schedule

10-11 First Assembly (K-2)

11-12 Second Assembly (3-5)

Noon - Lunch

1-2 Book signing in Library

Book Orders

For events within driving distance in the SE, for your convenience we will order books from the publishers and bring them with us the day of the event and personally autograph books following the program.

For events that require air travel,

please contact your local bookseller to handle book orders.


Charles Ghigna, affectionately known as Father Goose, is a wonderful poet and author of children’s books that will leave footprints on your heart! 

Heidi Sprouse, Teacher

*   *   *

I have seen Charles Ghigna (Father Goose) at several school author programs and library conferences. I am always enchanted by his open and friendly style of engaging the children and adult listeners in whatever poetry he is presenting. I have seen children who thought they hated poetry come away from his visits with a new appreciation for the possibilities of the 'fun' in poetry. His presentation is both entertaining and well-paced and even the toughest little critic is invariably won over by his clever humor. 

April Moon, Children's Librarian
Emmet O'Neal Library

*   *   *

Charles Ghigna is an engaging presenter. He has the children's undivided attention, and he is fascinating to hear. What a positive influence Father Goose is to young readers and writers! 

Mary Dorough, Teacher
Crestline Elementary

*   *   *

Father Goose had us all spellbound from the moment he picked up the microphone until the moment he put it down.

Sally Westbury, Principal
Pinebrook Elementary

*   *   *

Charles Ghigna (Father Goose) is a delight! He charms children and adults, alike, always entertaining while teaching. He inspires and excites a crowd.

Wanda Jewel, Executive Director
Southeast Booksellers Conference

*   *   *

Charles Ghigna (aka Father Goose) packed our meeting room to over capacity when we hosted students, teachers and parents from a local elementary school this past spring. All had a great time, took lots of pictures...and bought lots and lots and lots of books!

Jake Reiss, Owner/Manager
The Alabama Booksmith 

*   *   *

Having been on the faculty of WRITING TODAY several times, Charles Ghigna is a conference favorite. He presented at the 2004 conference and received enthusiastic evaluations, as he always does, on his presentations. He was consistently listed as an exceptionally good presenter and as what the attendees liked best about the conference. Father Goose was exceptional!wrote one attendee. I absolutely LOVED Charles Ghigna, wrote another.  He was so enthusiastic and really gave of himself!  We will obviously invite him again and be honored to have him. Those involved in presenting the conference love and respect him too.

Annie Green, Conference Coordinator
WRITING TODAY, Birmingham-Southern College

*   *   *

Father Goose (Charles Ghigna) is a crowd favorite! His energetic and entertaining presentation is extremely popular among the thousands of children, parents and educators who attend our annual festival. 

Jayne Pelaski, Director
Southern Kentucky Book Fest

*   *   *

Charles Ghigna holds his audience in rapt delight with every performance of his poetry program. Whether performing for children or adults, he makes new fans with every presentation. 

Linda Wilson, Director
Alabama Bound Book Fair

*   *   *

Poet Charles Ghigna brought a "real-world" writing connection to my seventh grade students. They were so excited to share their writing with a famous author. During his visit, he listened to my students read their original works and offered them positive feedback on ways in which they could improve their writing skills. His inspiring discussions, powerful question-and-answer sessions, and dramatic readings of his own works kept my students' pens moving through May!

Lisa Gaines, English Teacher
Homewood Middle School

*   *   *

I have worked with Charles Ghigna for fifteen years as a school librarian and book sales chair for an annual Young Authors Conference attended by more than one thousand elementary students, teachers and parents each year. Charles does an amazing job of getting everyone involved in the writing process. Not all children's authors are especially good with children, but Father Goose is! He genuinely likes children and he entertains the adults as well! 

Kate Vogel, Librarian
Inverness Elementary

*   *   *

I liked the way Father Goose makes everything make so much sense. His poems are really good, and I like his funny rhymes.

Elementary School Student

*   *   *

Mr. Ghigna was very funny telling stories. He makes you feel like you know how and why he wrote his poems.

Elementary School Student

*   *   *

Charles Ghigna is a fantastic poet, and he is very, very funny. I hope he keeps on writing more poems.

Elementary School Student

*   *   *

Mr. Ghigna is a truly gifted poet. His poems transport the reader to a different world and inspire the reader to see even the simplest things in new ways. 

Elementary School Parent

*   *   *

Charles Ghigna is so engaging and funny. His poetry definitely reflects his personality. I was actually sad when he finished his program. I loved hearing how he shares his passion for writing. 

Elementary School Parent

*   *   *

The presentation was very "kid-centered" inviting the audience members to join in and share. It was entertaining and amusing. The length of the presentation was perfect for our second graders. 

Elementary School Teacher

*   *   *

Mr. Ghigna did a wonderful job keeping the attention of each student, teacher, and parent. The way he relays the origin of each poem makes his poems more meaningful and special to each reader. 

Elementary School Teacher

*   *   *

What a delight, honor and privilege to have Father Goose (Charles Ghigna) at the library. He is such a gifted writer! With his books, many have had the opportunity to share special time with those they love, time, and time, and time again. 

Gail Barton
Samford University Library